Timber Pizza Co. Richmond, VA

The Timber Pizza food truck brings a wood-fired oven to cook pizzas with a variety of toppings and flavors.

An awesome food truck with a wood-fired oven that will make your special events special. Timber Pizza Co. can provide services at any location for catering or special occasions. They offer everything from classics, to vegetarian, vegan and even gluten free. Timber Pizza Co. has a rotating selection of their seasonal specials. In addition, they offer pizzas with a tomato or pesto sauce base. If catering is what you are looking for, their menu is more than just pizza. It includes appetizers, salads and desserts. If you are in the DC, Maryland, or Virginia area (now in Richmond!), this will be a great option for your next event.

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Mobile Catering, Food Truck, Pop-Up Tent

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Richmond City, Outlying Counties

Timber Pizza Co. Richmond: Menu Preview

Food trucks might offer didn’t menu options at different times. Contact RVA Mobile Catering and we can assist you with this food truck vendor. 

Green Pizzas:

Red Pizzas:

White Pizzas:

Timber Pizza Co. Also offers a variety of small bites, desserts, and toppings.

Want Timber Pizza Co. Richmond At Your Next Event?

Do you need a food truck in Richmond, VA, or the surrounding counties? RVA Mobile Catering will help you book Timber Pizza Co. Richmond for your parties and other events.

Fresh, hot pizza will make your event go off without a hitch.
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