Spatchcocked Rotisserie Chicken

Spatchcocked Rotisserie Chicken is veteran-owned and serves awesome, crispy, rotisserie chicken. 

A Veteran Owned business. Quick and casual mobile rotisserie company serving fresh and authentic cuisine. Spatchcoked chicken is when the backbone is removed and the chicken is flattened. It allows for easier coating with flavorful dry rub, and yields lots of crispy skin (arguably the best part of a roast chicken). To go along with the quarter or half chicken are a variety of sides: red beans and rice, mac and cheese, tostones, collard greens, sweet plantains, and French Fries. Catering available for all events. They are a great option for your event!

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Richmond City, Outlying Counties

Spatchcocked Rotisserie Chicken: Menu Preview

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If you're planning an event in Richmond and love chicken, Spatchcocked is a great choice!

If you need a food truck in Richmond,VA to cater an event, contact us and get more information on booking Spatchcocked Rotisserie Chicken.

The Spatchcocked Rotisserie Chicken