Jijis Frozen Custard

Jijis Frozen Custard provides RVA with freshly made, slow-churned custard.

Jiji Frozen Custard mobile truck serves up hand-dipped frozen custard, aka: ice cream's super smooth cousin. It is slow-churned and made fresh onsite. Jiji's process uses egg yolks and less air to create an ultra creamy, decadent, Wisconsin-style custard. Their custard is served in a cake cone, waffle cone, cup and pints, with various toppings. They are available for many different types of events, and are able to adjust the size of their menu, depending on your needs. If you haven't yet tried Jiji Frozen Custard yet, go on and treat yourself!

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Desserts, Sweets

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Richmond City, Surrounding Areas

More Info On Jijis Frozen Custard

Jijis Mobile Custard serves Richmond, VA, and the surrounding areas. Below is an image linked to a page where you can order pints of their custard.

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A line of guests waiting to get some frozen custard from Jijis. This event was located in Richmond, VA.