Food Trucks For Events In Richmond, VA

If you’re holding a sporting, music festival, fair, or other event in Richmond, VA, food trucks are a great way to provide a diverse culinary experience.

We Will Help You Find The Right

Food Trucks For Events In Richmond, VA

There are tons and tons of special events in Richmond, VA, and RVA Mobile Catering is here to help you choose the best food truck to cater those events. It doesn’t matter if it’s a marathon, kids sporting event, music festival, fun run, or Nascar party.

Events in Richmond, VA

Food Truck Catering For Sporting Events In Richmond, VA

There are tons of sporting events around Richmond, VA, and each has its own unique set of guests. There are youth sports, marathons, NASCAR races, professional soccer, golf tournaments, and more. If you’re running one of these events, do you know what type of food truck is going to be the most popular for your event goers? RVA Mobile Catering will help you narrow it down and choose the right one everyone loves!

Music Festivals & Concerts Are Better With Food Truck Catering

There are many music festivals around Richmond, VA. Some examples are the Fresh Beer Festival with Vibrant Music, Rooftop DJ – Saturday Sessions, and The Silent Party. If you’re managing a local music festival or concert, food trucks are a way to provide great food to attendees. You don’t want festival goers going hungry. A food truck will ensure a complete success. 

Music lovers at a music festival in Richmond, VA.
The state fair of Virginia. This event in Virginia is full of great food trucks.

The State And Local Fairs Need Food Trucks To Feed Visitors!

Are you working at a local or state fair in Virginia? Fairs are a great place to show off the many diverse cuisines in the Richmond Metro Area, and food trucks are a great way to bring the food to the fair. People love food, and even if the fair is in an outlying county, you can bring the many unique food trucks in Richmond to your local fair. Your guests will love it.

Events In The Richmond, VA, Metro Area

Why Work With RVA Mobile Catering?

Local Food Truck Expertise

RVA Mobile Catering is a newer food truck database, but the owners have been working with food trucks around RVA for many years. We know which trucks have the ability to handle specific events in Richmond, VA, and can help you choose the right ones.

Vetted Food Trucks

Every food truck we work with has to meet a set of standards. Not just any food truck or mobile caterer can work with us. We require up-to-date health inspections and certifications, as well as a number of reviews. This ensures good health and a great experience for your event goers.

Complimentary Assistance

RVA Mobile Catering is dedicated to helping you provide an amazing culinary experience at your event. When you complete our contact form, your event info goes straight to us. We will then reach out to you and provide info on the best food trucks to cater your event.

Catering Events In Richmond, VA IS NOW EASY

How It Works

The Richmond, VA skyline.
  • Contact & Provide The Details

    Tell us your budget, guest numbers, event location in Richmond, and if you have any preferences.

  • We Give Food Truck Options

    We will provide a list of the best exotic or traditional food trucks for you to choose from.

  • Relax, Eat, And Enjoy Your Event

    Choose your truck, then sit back and know you ensured your event goers leave full and happy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food Truck Catering For School Events: FAQs

No, RVA Mobile Catering’s database of food trucks is available throughout the Richmond Metro Area. Besides the city, we can help you find a food truck to cater your special event in Petersburg, Hopewell, Colonial Heights, Ashland, West Point, McKenney, Amelia, Charles City, Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, Goochland, Hanover, Henrico, King William, New Kent, Powhatan, Prince George, and Sussex Counties.

Some trucks have limited scheduling and costs may change based on the distance they are traveling, but the location around Central, VA, won’t hinder our ability to help you pick the right food truck catering.

Richmond, VA, offers tons of different events and a wide variety of food trucks to cater to them. You could hire a food truck to cater a high school football game, block party, and street fairs. Or you might want to go with a large-scale event such as a NASCAR race, music festival, state fair, marathon, spartan race, or art/historical event. There are so many events where attendees need great food, and RVA Mobile Catering is here to help you find the right ones.

There are many food truck databases available, but what makes RVA Mobile Catering different is our local expertise. We aren’t a nationwide database run by people who don’t know Richmond, VA. We live here and have worked with the local food trucks for years. We know which ones are great for specific audiences, have certain availability, and have special equipment to handle large-scale/specialized events. Our company also provides complimentary assistance to help you choose the right food truck based on your event details.

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