Corporate Catering In Richmond, VA

RVA Mobile Catering will help you choose the best food truck for your corporate catering event in Richmond, VA.

We Help You Pick The Right Food Truck For Your Employees

Workplace Catering From An Awesome Food Truck

RVA Mobile Catering has developed partnerships with tons of food trucks in the Richmond Metro Area. If you’re planning a corporate event like a team-building exercise, conference, or employee appreciation day, we will help you pick the food truck that will motivate and please your staff.

Corporate Catering Richmond, VA

Your Company Will Get Help Making The Best Choice

Workplace catering is a great way to make your staff happy and feel appreciated: and food trucks are a great way to get the job done. I mean, who doesn’t love great food? When you contact RVA Mobile Catering, we will help you choose the food that will make your employees love your choice.

Corporate Catering Made Easy With RVA Mobile Catering

RVA is famous for its large number of food trucks with diverse cuisines from around the world. Making the right decision is what could make or break your event. We can help you select the cuisine that’s available in your area, on the correct date, and matches your staff’s preferences. 

A food truck serving employees at a corporate catering event.

Corporate Catering In Richmond Metro Area

Why Work With RVA Mobile Catering?

Food Truck Experience

The team at RVA Mobile Catering has been helping residents of RVA find food trucks for years. Our personal database of food trucks is new, but our experience in the industry is plentiful.

Vetted Vendors

Personal relationships with our food trucks isn't the only thing we bring to the table. Every food truck we recommend has been vetted. They all have excellent reviews and up-to-date health certifications.

Free Advice

When you send in your information, we will receive it, analyze it, and then contact you. When we work with you, we will collect more info on your event and its guests, then help you make the right choice.

Corporate Catering Made Easy

How It Works

A food truck catering a corporate event in RVA.
  • Contact & Provide The Details

    Tell us your budget, about your event, and where the event is located.

  • We Give Food Truck Options

    We will provide a list of the best exotic or traditional food trucks for you to choose from.

  • Relax, Eat, And Enjoy Your Event

    You choose your truck then sit back and enjoy seeing your staff feel appreciated.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate Catering Questions: FAQs

The cost of a food truck can vary. The type of cuisine, number of employees, and length of time the truck is needed are all factors. Sometimes food trucks will charge a set price with upsells. For example, you could pay an average ($700 – $2500), and they might upcharge for desserts and drinks.

Most trucks have set costs in place, and they increase them by the number of guests, miles traveled, and time needed. This is the benefit of working with RVA Mobile Catering, because we can help you select the right one for your budget.

There are tons of food trucks in Richmond, but the most popular are based on polling. Here are RVA resident’s favorites:

  • Tacos (Mexican or fusion)
  • Burgers
  • Sandwiches
  • Hot Dogs
  • Dessert
  • Asian
  • Others (usually more exotic)

Most food truck databases just provide references. You provide your information and the food truck database will distribute it to the food trucks that match your selection. Then the food trucks will contact you and compete for your business.

RVA Mobile Catering is different because when we receive your information, we will contact you and work with you to select the right one. We don’t just refer you to our vendors and leave the rest to you.

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