Food Truck Catering In Richmond, VA

Hire the right food truck catering for your workplace, wedding, or other events in Richmond, VA.

Access To The Best Food Truck Catering In Richmond, VA

RVA Mobile Catering Helps You Choose The Best Food Trucks In Richmond, VA

Our company has long-term relationships with tons of food trucks in Richmond, VA. We will help you pick the best one to cater your local event.

Food Truck Catering In Richmond, VA

Save Time Searching For Food Truck Catering In Richmond, VA

RVA Mobile Catering takes the hassle out of searching for event catering. You can find information on different food truck caterers in Richmond, VA, contact us, and we will help you choose the right one.

Impress Your Event Goers With An Awesome Food Truck

Every food truck RVA Mobile Catering works with are vetted, gourmet, and highly rated. You can choose the type of food your guests desire, whether exotic or traditional. We help suit everyone’s tase buds.

The skyline of Richmond, VA. RVA Mobile Catering helps you find the best mobile caterers in Richmond.
Pans of food set up by a local food truck catering an event in Richmond, VA.

Relax, Eat, And Enjoy A Food Truck Catered Event

You can feel confident when you choose a good truck through RVA Mobile Catering. We have long-term relationships with tons of food trucks in Richmond, VA, and guarantee the trucks you choose will provide incredible service.

Food Truck Catering In Richmond, VA

Why Use RVA Mobile Catering?

Long Term Relationships

The staff at RVA Mobile Catering have been in the food truck and catering business for years. Over that time we have established long-term relationships with tons of food truck caterers in Richmond, VA.

Vetted Food Trucks

We don't just have good relationships with food truck caterers. We have vetted each and every food truck that works with us. Each one has excellent reviews, up-to-date health inspections, and great catering options.

Personal Assistance

When you submit your information through our contact page, we will respond and personally help you find the right food truck for your event. Give us the details, we will help you find the right cuisine and trucks available.

Food Truck Catering For All Your Local Events

  • Workplace Catering

    Food Truck Lunches, In-Office Meals, Business Parks, Employee Appreciation, Customer Love Days, Holiday Parties, Retail Events, Milestones

  • Wedding Catering

    Wedding Receptions, Family Get Togethers, Snacks, Brunches, Rehearsals

  • Campuses

    Elementary, Middle, and High School Events, Student Organizations, Clubs, College Campuses, Fundraisers, Recruitment Events, Alumni Events, Dances, Off-Campus Events, Graduations

  • Professional Events

    Conferences, Work Conventions, Expos, Seminars, Press Conferences, Large Meetings

  • Private Parties

    Block Parties, Little League, Real Estate Open Houses, Birthday Parties, Graduations, Holidays, Religious Events

It's Easy To Find Food Trucks In Richmond, VA

How It Works

Food Truck Catering Richmond VA
  • Contact & Give US Details

    Tell us your budget, about your event, and where the event is located.

  • We Give Food Truck Options

    We will provide a list of the best exotic or traditional food trucks for you to choose from.

  • Relax, Eat, And Enjoy Your Event

    You choose your truck then sit back and enjoy your event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food Truck Catering: FAQ

If you type “food truck catering” into Google, you will see many food truck databases in the search results. What sets RVA Mobile Catering apart from others is how we assist you with choosing the right truck. When you submit your information on our website, we will ask questions and get information about your event. Then we will help you decide what food truck is best to cater your occasion.

We have tons and tons of vendors. The food trucks you see listed on our website are just a small portion. We are going to be consistently adding to our database. If you have questions about food trucks, we can help you choose when you contact us. No need to already have yours chosen before you give us a call.

Not all of our vendors are food trucks. Some of them are food carts, while others are pop-up tents. Almost like a pop-up restaurant. Visit our contact page and tell us about your event so we can help you book the right catering option.

There is no direct answer. Here in Virginia, it will depend on food costs, how long you need the truck for, and how many guests you have coming to the event.