Firesides Food Truck

The Firesides Food Truck is a great option for birthday parties, family reunions, corporate events, and more!

They are a family owned and operated food truck, based out of Goochland, VA. The owner, Lee, is originally from New Jersey with over 20 years of catering and bartending experience. The Firesides Food Truck frequents schools, businesses, parks, sports gatherings, fundraisers, neighborhoods, churches and festivals. They also do catering for all types of events including: weddings, graduation parties, corporate events, and more! Their menu is filled with delicious dishes like: chicken wings slathered in a variety of sauces, lamb gyros, smokehouse ground sirloin cheeseburgers, chicken quesadillas, and California veggie burgers. All accompanied with a good sized portion of deliciously seasoned fries. The menu can also be customized to meet your needs.

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American & Comfort Foods

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Mobile Catering, Food Truck

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Richmond City, Outlying Counties

Firesides Food Truck: Menu Preview

Food trucks might offer didn’t menu options at different times. Contact RVA Mobile Catering and we can assist you with this food truck vendor. 

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Want Fireside To Be Your Events Food Truck?

Do you need a food truck in Richmond, VA, or the surrounding counties? RVA Mobile Catering will help you book Fireside for your parties and other events.

The Firesides Food Truck is full of American Comfort food and loves to serve veterans!