12 Of The Best Food Trucks In Richmond, VA

So what do you do when you’re planning an event and you live in a city with tons of food trucks to choose from? Plus, how do you make a decision when Richmond food trucks are some of the best on the East Coast? Some people might check out Reddit while others Google local food truck schedules.

But, even if you find a highly-rated food truck for hire, how do navigate the many different favorite cuisines and preferences your event guests will want? That’s where the “Street Eats,” RVA Mobile Catering blog comes in. This article titled “12 of the Best Food Trucks in Richmond, VA” will help you pick out the best food trucks in our database.

We’re food truck pros, and we’re looking to help you out! Let’s get started.

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1) Boka Tako - The Most Popular Taco Truck in RVA

Boka Tako started running food trucks in 2010, and RVA residents fell in love! The Boka Tako trucks are considered a staple of Richmond’s food truck obsession. Boka Tako is the first Mexican food truck to bring fusion-style tacos to the area. Their menu has a large mix of global flavors that will make your taste buds water. This truck cooks all of it’s food right on the spot and provides slow-cooked protein choices like beef, pork, and pork belly. This food truck also offers an array of vegan and gluten-free options.

Boka Tako has been awarded Best Food Truck in Richmond, VA, Best Food Truck in Central, VA, Best Tacos in Richmond, Best Tacos in Virginia, Best Meal Under $10, and Best New Casual Restaurant. With so many awards, no wonder they are the #1 food truck in the RVA Mobile Catering database.

If you want this food truck to cater your next business event, party, or next school function, we suggest you use our contact page now! Boka Tako is so popular their schedule is booked long in advance!

Best Food Trucks In Richmond VA
Boka Tako in action at a local event in Richmond, VA.

2) Curbside Creations - Cajun Mixed With American Equals YUM!

What is one of the best food trucks in Richmond, VA, and where is it located? Curbside Creations is one of the most popular food trucks and is regularly visiting different stores, businesses, and events in RVA. This truck is booked up on a regular basis thanks to its incredibly customizable menu. They offer Po Boys and baskets with shrimp, oysters, gators, and catfish. You can also get crabcake BLTs and Philly Cheesesteaks!

The Curbside Creations Food Truck was named “Richmond’s Best Food Truck in 2018, 2019, and 2020. They have also been awarded Best Fry Food from Style Weekly, the Richmond Bacon Festival’s “Best Bacon Entree Award, and were the first truck to win NBC 12’s Restaurant Report Hall of Fame Award.

That’s an impressive list of accolades! Just like Boka Tako, this truck is super popular among RVA eventgoers and books up long in advance. You will need to get on their schedule if you want them to appear at your next scheduled event.

The Curbside Creations food truck in RVA.
The Curbside Creations food truck in RVA. This food truck is the banner image on this article!

3) Cucumber's On Fire - RVA BBQ Never Tasted So Good

Cucumber’s On Fire is one of the best mobile caterers in Richmond, VA. Actually, it’s one of the best catering options of 2023 in our opinion. Cucumber’s On Fire isn’t a food truck, but a pop-up tent that cooks amazing BBQ on the spot! Don’t let that stop you from treating them like a food truck. They are mobile and will bring their excellent BBW to your event.

Cucumber’s On Fire has a strong list of proteins including smoked brisket, smoked pulled pork, and chicken. They also offer a mix of cold and hot sides to go with your meal. Finally, they are the only mobile caterer in RVA that has loaded, homemade BBQ chips! Now those are a real treat.

Cucumber’s On Fire is more than a simple pop-up (mobile catering) food tent. They also sell a variety of BBQ sauces by the bottle! That means your eventgoers can bring the awesome flavoring home with them. With so much versatility, Cucumber’s On Fire deserved a place on our list of the best Richmond food trucks.

A collage of photos. In the photos are the Cucumber's On Fire Mobile Catering crew at an event in Richmond, VA.
The Cucumber's On Fire popup tent in action. They have an amazing and diverse BBQ menu!

4) Noah's Rockin Buns - A Specialty Food Truck For Everyone

You can see this bright green food truck coming from a mile away! This food truck was created by Chef Noah, who graduated from Culinard in 2011. After working in the local food scene he decided to go into the food truck industry. But, that’s just the start of what makes Noah’s Rockin Buns unique.

Noah’s Rockin Buns is a specialty truck, meaning its food has a specific specialization. They make delicious bao buns filled with smoked meats, crispy rockin’ chicken, veggies, and rockin’ sauces. You can even choose from Rockin’ Fried Chicken, Nashville Style Spicy Chicken, Smoked Pork Tenderloin, Smoked Beef Brisket, Ttempura Fried Shrimp, Nashville Spicy Shrimp, and weekly specials. This amazing menu is capped up with bao bun desserts and yummy sides.

You can find Noah’s Rockin Buns at well-known locations in Richmond, VA, such as Richmond Riverfront Plaza and Riverside on the James. Whether you’re planning an event for your employees at MCV or a private party, Noah’s Rockin Buns will be a favorite for your guests. 

The Noah's Rockin Buns food truck.
We weren't kidding. You could see the Noah's Rockin Buns food truck from a mile away!

5) Cason Funnel Cakes - A Versatile Dessert Food Truck

The first on our list that specializes in desserts is a great one! Cason Funnel Cakes is a popup tent that will provide your guests with a delicious array of funnel cakes, with a spin. Chef Dre started Cason Funnel Cakes because he wanted to provide RVA residents with a personalized and incredibly delicious funnel cake experience.

These funnel cakes are made from scratch and you can choose from a number of flavors. Cason Funnel Cakes has Banana Split, Reese’s Pieces, Butter Pecan, and Apple Cinnamon to name a few. But, what truly makes them great for parties and other events, is their build-your-own funnel cakes! Now that’s awesome.

Cason Funnel Cakes has been featured on NBC 12 Richmond, and if your eventgoers need dessert after their meal, this company is a great choice. If you need help deciding if this is the right mobile caterer for your event, contact us so we can help you out!

Some funnel cakes from Cason Funnel Cakes.
Some funnel cakes from Cason Funnel Cakes.

6) Cheesaggedon Food Truck - Out Of This World Sandwiches!

Cheeseaggedon is the ultimate sandwich food truck. They are truly something special, and that’s why their motto is “Out of this World Sandwiches!” Cheeseaggedon started when a man named Garrett Walker graduated from college with a business degree. Thanks to his culinary experience he decided to start a food truck in Richmond. The year was 2012 when he started his truck, and now he owns more than one. Guess which one started in 2019? You guessed it, it’s Cheesaggedon.

Cheesaggedon is a food truck that provides RVA with a wide selection of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. Who doesn’t like grilled cheese? Some of their signature sandwiches include Philly Cheese, Bacon Mac N Cheese, Caprese, Reuben, Cuban, and the Classic Triple Cheesy Melt. With a great selection of sides, Cheesageddon will leave your eventgoers full and happy.

Considering Cheesaggedon for your next event in RVA? Not sure whether to pick them or a different food truck? Maybe this will persuade you. Cheesaggedon offers your guests the chance to take home box lunches! Contact us for more info on this food truck.

The Cheesaggedon Food Truck at a local event in Central, VA.
The Cheesaggedon Food Truck at a local event in Central, VA.

7) Arroz RVA - Latin Themed Bowls In Central, VA

The second Latin food truck on our list, Arroz is a great choice for your event if the guests love cuisine from south of the border. Don’t confuse Arroz RVA with Boka Tako because these food trucks have very different styles of Latin cuisine. Arroz RVA has an extremely flexible menu and concentrates on wraps, bowls, and burritos. Whereas Boka Tako is a fusion of flavors, the Arroz RVA food truck is more traditional.

Do you want to know what else sets Arroz RVA apart from other food trucks around Virginia? Arroz RVA only serves healthy, locally sourced ingredients and their bowls are fully customizable. Finally, since they are a more traditional Latin food truck, you can choose from a number of great toppings like black beans, organic corn poblano salsa, cheese, or sour cream.

Arroz RVA is a very popular mobile caterer and they aren’t limited to Richmond, VA. This food truck regularly books events all over the Richmond Metro Area and beyond. However, since we don’t manage their schedule and just help them book clients, contact us and we can help you discover if they are right for your event.

The Arroz RVA Food Truck Trailer ready for business.
The Arroz RVA Food Truck Trailer ready for business.

8) Momma's BBQ - The Finest American Comfort Food Truck In Richmond, VA

Have you heard of the Momma’s BBQ Food Truck? If not, let RVA Mobile Catering know how this description makes you feel. Momma’s BBQ provides slow-cooked, pit-smoked barbeque and homestyle sides. You can choose from Pit Smoked Pork, Smoked Chicken, Pork and beef Hot Link Sausage, Beef Brisket, Smoked Portabello Mushrooms, and Smoked Pork Belly. Now, if your mouth watered over that description Momma’s BBQ might be the food truck for your next Richmond-based event.

Momma’s Barbecue started in 2017 and they have not looked back. Their motto “Bringing Momma’s Cooking to You,” will make your guest’s mouths water before the food truck arrives! Even though this is one of Richmond’s newer food trucks, its popularity is exploding.

Does Barbecue sound like the cuisine your event guests are going to want? Aren’t sure if you should choose between this food truck and another? Contact RVA Mobile Catering and we will help you choose the right food truck for your event. Momma’s Barbecue might just be for you. 

The Momma's Barbecue food truck as it prepares to cater an event. Momma's Barbecue is a very popular around the Richmond food truck scene.
The Momma's Barbecue food truck as it prepares to cater an event. Momma's Barbecue is a very popular around the Richmond food truck scene.

9) La Bete - Creole, Caribbean, And New American Cuisine

The La Bete food truck is one of the most unique food trucks in Richmond, and that’s how it made our list of the best food trucks in Richmond, VA. If you want your event to have a mobile caterer that brings a unique mix of flavors, then the La Bete food truck is for you.

La Bete has Creole, Carribean, and what they call New American cuisine. They have plenty of customizable options, but if you want their traditional dishes, you can choose from Creole Shrimp Tacos, Curry Chicken and Rice, Kofta Lamb Burgers, and a mouth-watering Buttery Blue Crab Sandwich. La Bete also has a regularly changing menu, so you will want to check with them before booking,

Everything on the La Bete food truck menu is cooked with locally found ingredients, and their food is sure to please everyone coming to your event. Finally, they aren’t limited to the City of Richmond, you can hire them to cater any event in Central, VA. Ready to learn more about them? Contact RVA Mobile Catering by clicking this link.

La Bete cooks fresh gulf shrimp right on the spot.
La Bete cooks fresh gulf shrimp right on the spot.

10) Slideways Mobile Bistro - Award Winning Gourmet Sliders

Slideways Mobile Bistro cooks tasty and mouth-watering gourmet sliders. Oh, and their french fries are hand-cut. Do we need to say anymore? Just kidding. You can choose from their Black and Bleu Slider which was awarded Best Burger at the Burger Blast in 2015, Black Angus Burger, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, or their Black Bean Sliders. Finally, their hand-cut fries are the perfect pairing with any of their burgers.

This food truck also has a great menu for kids. They have an Angus beef patty, an American hot dog, and kids’ grilled cheese. Each one comes served with fries your kids will love. If that wasn’t enough, this food truck is a full-service mobile caterer. Your guests can even have a great dessert consisting of funnel cake sticks.

To conclude our section about Slideways Mobile Bistro. The food truck also has a separate mobile catering menu that expands on its regular offerings. This truck has been a popular choice for larger corporate events and festivals in RVA.

The Slideways Mobile Bistro food truck.
The Slideways Mobile Bistro food truck.

11) Sandtopia - Highly Rated Richmond Based American Cuisine

Sandtopia won 3rd place in “Richmond’s Best Food Truck” in 2020, and won 2nd place in 2021. That means they are consistently one of the best food trucks in Richmond, VA, year after year. Their menu includes Philly Cheesesteaks, Chicken Philly, Fried Fish Sandwiches, A Variety of Po’ Boys, Seafood Platters, Vegetarian, and Vegan options.

This food truck does really well at having options for everyone. In addition to the Sandtopia food truck, they have a separate dessert truck and a larger catering option with a special menu. This food truck is a great option for birthday parties, festivals, and other events that have a diverse set of guests.

But, with a food truck this highly rated and in demand, you will want to book them in advance. If you need help deciding if they’re the right food truck for you, RVA Mobile Catering can help you out.

The Sandtopia Food Truck parked for an event.
The Sandtopia Food Truck parked for an event.

11) Fireside Pizza - Fast-Fire Neapolitan Pizza With Variety

Fireside Pizza is considered one of the best food trucks in Richmond, VA. They regularly travel around RVA and the surrounding counties serving delicious 10″ personal pan pizzas. All of their pizzas are fully customizable with a large selection of toppings and sauces.

Beyond personal pizza customization, Fireside Pizza offers plenty of specialty and classic pizzas. You can choose from cheese, pepperoni, white pizza, vegetarian, and vegan options. So, if you’re planning an event in Richmond, VA, don’t miss out on the opportunity to have this food truck cater.

RVA Mobile Catering is here to help you book this food truck.


Richmond, VA, is one of the greatest cities in the United States for food trucks. But, with so many trucks offering different kinds of cuisines, having their own schedules, and providing mobile catering services to areas all over the Richmond Metro Area, how do you choose the right one for your event? That’s the benefit of having RVA Mobile Catering bookmarked in your internet browser.

Our company has a database of the highest rated and vetted food trucks in RVA, plus we provide more value than the other food truck databases. We don’t just offer a list of food trucks, we listen to your questions and help you choose the right food truck for your event.

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