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About RVA Mobile Catering

RVA Mobile Catering is your local food truck finder. We aren’t a random food truck database with hundreds of different trucks and cuisine’s that’ll leave you confused. We help you navigate all those choices. 

Our company vets every nearby truck and ensures they have up-to-date health certificates and top-tier Google and Yelp reviews. When you’re planning an event you can put your mind at ease when you choose us to help you find the right food truck to cater.

Increase Your Daily Food Truck Income

Are you a food truck owner who wants a larger salary? Do you want the highest profit margin of any food truck business in Central, VA? Getting listed on food truck databases should be a high priority when you’re creating a marketing strategy for your business. In the United States, food truck profits have grown an average of 4.9% each year, and RVA Mobile Catering wants to help you increase your yearly profits. Add your food truck today.

The Best Food Trucks In Central, VA

Connecting You With Vetted, Local Food Trucks

Corporate Events

Your employees are diverse and each one has their own favorite cuisine. Hiring a food truck to cater your corporate event is easy, relaxing, and promote a great networking and social atmosphere.


You may not think of it, but food trucks can be a cost-effective and unique way to add diversity to your wedding. Food trucks offer traditional and exotic choices that will suit your cultural needs.

Birthday Parties

Is your child having a big birthday party at a location that doesn't provide food? Planning a party is stressful enough. Eliminate the stress by hiring a food truck that will serve food your child loves.

Other Events

There are many reasons you need a food truck.. Some other events include festivals, fairs, church groups, barbeques, sporting events, and food and beer festivals.

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How It Works

Find Food Trucks In Richmond VA
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    Tell us your budget, about your event, and where the event is located.

  • We Give Food Truck Options

    We will provide a list of the best exotic or traditional food trucks for you to choose from.

  • Relax, Eat, And Enjoy Your Event

    You choose your truck then sit back and enjoy your event.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Food Truck FAQ

We have food truck vendors all over Central, VA. To get started it’s as easy as visiting our contact us page. But, if you need food truck catering in Richmond, VA, we would love to help you find the best trucks for your event.

We work with many people who are looking to hire a food truck for the first time. Here are some questions and information you want to research when you begin.
  1. How many guests are you looking to serve?
  2. What are the booking times you need?
  3. What trucks are available on the date of your event?
  4. What is the cost and what is your budget?
  5. What type of food do you want to serve your guests and do you want a customizable menu?
  6. Will you require any dietary restrictions?

There are tons of other questions. RVA Mobile Catering is here to assist you with answering those questions and getting you connected with the right food truck. You can contact us and get started asap.

If you are pretty sure what kind of food you want, the event date, the number of guests, and the budget, all you have to do is contact us. Unlike other food truck vendors who just give you a database, RVA Mobile Catering works with you to choose the best food truck for your event. RVA Mobile Catering is dedicated to only working with vetted food trucks with up-to-date health certifications and positive reviews. 

If you own a food truck and want to get started, all you need is up-to-date health permits and a FEIN. You can go to our add my food truck page and fill out the form to get started. Then RVA Mobile Catering can help you grow your food truck business. If you have questions about the form give us a call at 804-868-6597.

There are apps and online databases to find food trucks around Richmond, VA. But, RVA Mobile Catering will help you determine the best food truck for your event.

Taco trucks are the epitome of the food truck movement in Richmond, VA. Contact us to see what taco trucks are available for your event.